POWER WAVE   An all-in-one training device paired with daily 20-minute, total body high intensity interval training programs.

H.I.I.T YOGA  High Interval Training meets Yoga.  Prepare to sweat, prepare to be challenged, prepare to grow.  This HIIT Yoga class combines vinyasa yoga with aspects of pilates and other bodyweight exercises.

COUCH TO 5K WITH TRAINER ON THE HILL  Discover the life-enriching and social bonding power of running with Trainer on the Hill.  Join the introduction class for the renowned couch to 5k 10 week course that took Kings Hill by storm in 2017

LAUGHTER YOGA  Combining laughter exercise with yoga breathing, this technique brings oxygen into the body and brain, releasing endorphins and promoting a feeling of energy and wellbeing.

BOUNCE FIT BODY Mini trampoline fitness makes exercise fun. Improves weight loss 3 times quicker than floor based workouts due to opposing gravity and added g-force.

KENTURA POLE Pole dancing is an activity that works with your natural body weight to target your entire body.  A guaranteed workout with a lots of laughs

CARDIO TENNIS  A fun, sociable group fitness class with awesome music and a qualified instructor, you’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have a great cardio workout at the same time.

BALLET WORKOUT  A hybrid workout combining the best elements of ballet and sport.

NORDIC WALKING  Pole Walking turns your walk into a whole-body activity, gets you exercising in the great outdoors and helps to strengthen your mind.   Expert Sarah Holiday who works for An Active Medway will show you the benefits of exercising in the great outdoors by taking you on a 60 minute introduction lesson through the woods.

RESTORATIVE YOGA & MEDITATION Natasha will run you through a brief introduction into meditation to incorporate into everyday life.

DANCE FOR FITNESS  Workout and master new dance skills in this fun, energetic workout to West End scores, old classics and chart favourites.  Friendly and welcoming.


Listen to advice from our experts who are putting on talks throughout the day.  Have a look at the Schedule and book your favourites.

NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) with Janice Leahy  Recognise your programs and how to adapt them using NLP.

UNDERSTANDING THE MENOPAUSE with Miss Anne Henderson Looking at the physiology, the common symptoms and the treatment options available as you approach the Menopause

FINDING YOUR STYLE with personal stylist Fluer McCrone 

YOUR HAIR AND SKIN with Claire Denyer, owner SAKS Kings Hill  Why a cut and blow dry works as well as any medicine and when healthy skin can give you the power to face any day with

LIVING WITH PMS with Miss Anne Henderson Looking at the pathophysiology and treatment options for PMS/PMD

NUTRITION with …….. How to say goodbye to diets and hello to knowing your body type and what food groups work for you.


Book yourself a Private 30 minute consultation with our experts.

Chidi Lynn Proactive Are you concerned about your Spinal Health? Chidi helps you improve the mechanics, function and balance of your body alongside education to help you take control of your health. Her commitment and passion allows her to deliver effective results helping you from pain and inability, to a more healthier functioning life… beyond what you may think possible.

RL Aesthetics and Beauty RL Aesthetics and Beauty is leading the way in revolutionary treatments such as Plasma Skin Therapy, Fibroblast Skin Tightening, Micropigmentation, and specialist Skin Rejuvenation. Rachel also provides Laser Therapy for Tattoo Removal and Thread and Spider Vein Reduction, plus much much more.  Grab the opportunity for a 30 minute consultation with Rachel on the 9th June to talk about anything that’s been concerning you.

Fine Styling by Fleur McCrone  Fleur’s goal as a Personal Stylist is to leave each client feeling confident, empowered and with the tools to shop more successfully going forward. With each new client, there is a new journey.  Book a consultation with Fleur and find your style and identity again.

BabyWinkz Consultancy  Judy Clark, owner and founder of the BabyWinkz Consultancy is a world renowned expert in helping families teach their children independent healthy sleep skills.   Judy is now working with adults on improving their relationship with sleep and improving their quality of sleep so they too get the sleep they deserve.  Book yourself a mini consultation with Judy on the 9th and see for yourself why her expertise is meaning more zzzz’s for people all around the world.

Buy your tickets today and pre book yourself on 5 sessions of your choice with anyone from the list above.